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Been Out For A While

Haha, I've been off for a while partly due to FFXIII and because I got an offer to do Medicine. I'm obviously crazy-happy right now and very busy. Will be taking a step back from all my fandoms and anything fun to concentrate on getting the exam results I need, but it will all be worth it in the end I hope. Probs be back with withdrawal issues in August! But I am finally 18 in two days! Which has been a long time coming, especially if you are like me and refuse to lie about your age to get a paypal account- so Ebay here I come on Saturday.

I ordered some books today- Perfume (Patrick Suskind) and Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov)- i wonder if any of you have read this- it has highly dodgy themes but from reading an extract in class I can understand why it is often called one of the greatest masterpieces of english literature- you read it and it has this irresistable rhythm and comes across as soooooo effortless- it's just a pleasure to read DESPITE how sick you feel at the concepts- and I've only read three pages of it! I'm told Perfume is also disturbing ^_^

Does anyone have any books about love they can recommend? We're studying Love Through the Ages  in English Literature- from Medieval Lit (Chaucer and Malory) to right now- and we have to remember all these quotes of by heart for the exam- "wider reading"- haha. I'll start; Jeanette Winterson is a brilliant female writer- I'd recommend Written on the Body or Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, especially if you are into your feminist or lesbian writers. She is another author that is just addictive to read.

And OMG New Glee only starts a week later in the UK- do you know how priveleged I feel- and that is defo a fandom I'm saving for August ^_^ Watch and Learn Livingtv!!! 

...is now off to read Lady Chatterly's Lover - oh god, all these male writers are growing on me.


Final Fantasy XIII

ATTENTION Shouldn't be any spoilers, just generic character rants. If you love Snow, don't hate me D: ATTENTION

I bought it at the weekend! Yay! I just wanted to say how lovely and pretty it is because just, wow, I keep losing battles because I'm staring at the screen too long ~_~ And I'm liking the characters thus far, especially Sazh and Vanille because they remind me of Wakka and Rikku in the oddest way. I even like Hope- not really as whiny as people are making out. Yet, unfortunately, Square Enix's tendancy to shove a character's past down the player's throat ("SERAH?!?!?!1111") has led me to not liking Snow so much, because yeah "first impressions of Snow; all talk" is very apt, and seems to carry forward for second and third and fourth impressions. But, seriously, it's like they took Tidus from FFX and split his two most annoying character traits between Snow (annoying, heroic stupidness) and Hope (angst, much of it, but that's ok! I'd be pretty moody too, considering)

Anyway, I have just finished English Literature homework on the different poetic forms, of which there are a lot and it is actually pretty hard to find an example of a short blank verse poem, but it's okay because I got to put in this really cool Christina Rossetti Sonnet (Remember), so I'm happy. Now on to Biology homework (Yawn!) and then it's Glee at 9.00pm. Won't have chance to play anymore FFXIII, unless I stay up to 1 like last night. I want more!!!!!!
...and it is now updating incredibly slowly... it's 25% done and that took half an hour!

I am such an idiot. I have never been able to connect my PS3 to the Internet wirelessly because I'm with the internet service provider Orange, which is the most stupid one ever, and takes any attempt to connect to it as attempted murder or something. So, unfortunately, Shale has never become a member of my Dragon Age party and I didn't get any free Blood Dragon Armour- I also didn't get to raid the free arsenal in AC2 :(

And today it suddenly occurred to me! I should use my ethernet cable to connect! And it ACTUALLY worked- woohoo! But now it is updating at snail pace. You know, I am never going to buy anything from Orange- EVER- when I have my own house and my own internet. Seriously! Also, that curly bit of wind in the background of the PS3 home screen is soooooo annoying because it looks like a Trigonometry graph and I see enough of those at school (and radians? why did someone even bother with inventing them? Can't we just stick to normal numbers, so I don't have to write pi 3 bazillion times until it looks so deformed it becomes an 'n'?)

In other news, I watched Episode 6 of SPN Series 5, which depressed me because Cas wasn't in it and BOBBY! POOR BOBBY! I also want FFXIII so badly, but I'm waiting until my birthday and I can't wait THAT long. It looks so pretty... I also started working my way through the Digimon Tamers series on AnimeFuel because, despite only 10 of the episodes being shown in the UK, it was my favourite series because of Terriermon and Henry (I just realised- is Terriermon supposed to be based on a dog? His name now has new levels of violence) and !TAKATOMON!

Going now, Naruto might be out and I have a Golem to recruit ^_^

I'm back...

Got back from skiing at 3 o'clock this morning, and I'm trying to catch up on all the TV I missed- so lots of Glee, Heroes, Brothers & Sisters and Supernatural today. I also have an essay to write for school tomorrow but I can't be bothered... I hate coming back from skiing because everything is so boring now :(

Is off skiing...

Yay! We're going skiing in 20 minutes. We're driving all the way from England to France, which will be a 12 hour+ journey! Joy! That is what PSP's were invented for, and I have Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines to play so it better be good or I'll get bored. But, sadly, no internet or livejournal for a week, maybe. I will probably get a chance to go on at some point but you can't do much when it's 5 euros an hour. :(

We're going with my friend's family, and they are bringing their dog, who is the sweetest thing ever ^_^

So bye for a while...

EDIT: We have free Internet in our chalet, but the shortest ethernet cable ever... so I can come online for a little. I need to anyway to check University applications D:

Bob Bryar Left My Chemical Romance!!!!!

!I am so upset right now! He was like the stability and backbone of My Chemical Romance and he just left! Bob was so much to that band- Gerard's been clean and sober since he joined, they had their most successful album after he joined- they even said themselves "If there is a God he brought us Bob Bryar". And I'll never get to see him live, because when I did go to see My Chemical Romance, Frank and Bob weren't even there. I am so upset... :(

This has brought me down- just back from a day of shopping with my mates where we went so hyper on the train that my cheeks still hurt from the giggling when I got home. We went to Pizza Express, where service was so slow, that I had to yell for someone to bring us the bill, and then we missed the train by one minute. My friend even bought a whole roll of toilet paper with her because she couldn't find a packet of tissues, which was funny because she accidentally left her bag open in the restaurant and got embarrassed. And on both journeys we didn't get asked for the tickets! £10.10 just wasted, but then being caught without them would have been very embarrassing...

Depressing entry but I provide you with Dean's "kicked puppy" expression in my mood displayed below...
I've just realised that I've been spelling Alistair's name wrong (from DA:O) but I blame that on Supernatural because of Alastair (I do prefer that spelling though) and there was an Alastair in Tomb Raider: Legend, who I adored until what happened to him in Underworld... :(

Also, doesn't anyone else think that Shaun from Assassin's Creed 2 and Alastair from Dragon Age: Origins are uncannily similar? Maybe it's the hair and the snarkiness, although Alistair's is more "so-not-funny-it's-funny" whereas Shaun's will always make me laugh because Desmond just doesn't respond to his bitching- it's refreshing because Lucy and Rebecca really are too nice to him. And you know, being British, British accents usually annoy the hell out of me because not many people in the UK actually talk like that but I must admit snarkiness + Shaun's accent = love.

I just had a panic attack because I was sitting there contentedly trying to find some sasunaru icons, when I looked at my desk and there was a disgusting, brown spider crawling all over my new book- I haven't moved so fast for while! Then it crawled inside the book (read: it violated my new book) so I squished it inside that by pressing another book on top, and then it took me a quarter of an hour to pluck up the courage to pick up its dead body with some tissue- ew ew ew ew!

Oneshot- Sasunaru if you squint ^_^

This is my fandom journal, so I will post some fic. I wrote this one a very long time ago in one night (that is amazing for me- it usually takes me about a month to think of an idea for a story!)

Summary: Rain, a chase, a difference of opinion and the game they’re playing. Naruto attempts to prove something through the veil of rainfall. But since Sasuke rarely agrees with him anyway. One-shot. Post-Time Skip. SasuNaru- if you (really, really) want.
Rating: T- bad words- I’m not even allowed to say them ;D
Spoilers: For the Sasuke Retrieval Arc up and, um, for Part Two- includes certain characters and what not. Ignores certain others.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto- Masashi Kishimoto does. He’s cool!

All is fair...
...in love and warCollapse )

Yay, another new layout! And i made the banner with help from a tutorial by xtainted_blackx