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Is off skiing...

Yay! We're going skiing in 20 minutes. We're driving all the way from England to France, which will be a 12 hour+ journey! Joy! That is what PSP's were invented for, and I have Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines to play so it better be good or I'll get bored. But, sadly, no internet or livejournal for a week, maybe. I will probably get a chance to go on at some point but you can't do much when it's 5 euros an hour. :(

We're going with my friend's family, and they are bringing their dog, who is the sweetest thing ever ^_^

So bye for a while...

EDIT: We have free Internet in our chalet, but the shortest ethernet cable ever... so I can come online for a little. I need to anyway to check University applications D: