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...and it is now updating incredibly slowly... it's 25% done and that took half an hour!

I am such an idiot. I have never been able to connect my PS3 to the Internet wirelessly because I'm with the internet service provider Orange, which is the most stupid one ever, and takes any attempt to connect to it as attempted murder or something. So, unfortunately, Shale has never become a member of my Dragon Age party and I didn't get any free Blood Dragon Armour- I also didn't get to raid the free arsenal in AC2 :(

And today it suddenly occurred to me! I should use my ethernet cable to connect! And it ACTUALLY worked- woohoo! But now it is updating at snail pace. You know, I am never going to buy anything from Orange- EVER- when I have my own house and my own internet. Seriously! Also, that curly bit of wind in the background of the PS3 home screen is soooooo annoying because it looks like a Trigonometry graph and I see enough of those at school (and radians? why did someone even bother with inventing them? Can't we just stick to normal numbers, so I don't have to write pi 3 bazillion times until it looks so deformed it becomes an 'n'?)

In other news, I watched Episode 6 of SPN Series 5, which depressed me because Cas wasn't in it and BOBBY! POOR BOBBY! I also want FFXIII so badly, but I'm waiting until my birthday and I can't wait THAT long. It looks so pretty... I also started working my way through the Digimon Tamers series on AnimeFuel because, despite only 10 of the episodes being shown in the UK, it was my favourite series because of Terriermon and Henry (I just realised- is Terriermon supposed to be based on a dog? His name now has new levels of violence) and !TAKATOMON!

Going now, Naruto might be out and I have a Golem to recruit ^_^


Mar. 18th, 2010 09:46 pm (UTC)
Dragon Age \o/! I also have that except's it on Window and I haven't gotten around to playing it even though I got it a week or two ago. Partially because of school and pretty pretty fanfics. Are you going to get Awakening, the expansion pack? I know I haven't even started on DA but I'm getting Awakening now. Wow, I'm so lame.

OMG, that is my favorite season too of Digimon. Maybe cause I think Rika is badass? Okay, I haven't seen it along time so I might have spelled or got her name wrong :x. But, that season was really awesome. The drama \o/, angst, wtf, and etc. It's like a teen drama except more flashy, kick ass monsters, and a hundre time better.
Mar. 19th, 2010 01:59 pm (UTC)
It's great! And pretty funny in places- I just go through phases where I spend a week reading fic and then a week playing games. I think I am gonna get Awakening- it's sorta what made me want to sort the Internet out on my PS so I get to download it (they're only releasing it as a download in the uk). Tamers is such a great series- and Rika was awesome and Renamon, too. I just find the storylines so heartwrenching! I have friends who just hate Digimon on principle (because they seem to think it copied Pokemon) but it can be such a sweet programmes at times, and reminds me so much of being a kid. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs- I'm replying to this from my phone!