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Final Fantasy XIII

ATTENTION Shouldn't be any spoilers, just generic character rants. If you love Snow, don't hate me D: ATTENTION

I bought it at the weekend! Yay! I just wanted to say how lovely and pretty it is because just, wow, I keep losing battles because I'm staring at the screen too long ~_~ And I'm liking the characters thus far, especially Sazh and Vanille because they remind me of Wakka and Rikku in the oddest way. I even like Hope- not really as whiny as people are making out. Yet, unfortunately, Square Enix's tendancy to shove a character's past down the player's throat ("SERAH?!?!?!1111") has led me to not liking Snow so much, because yeah "first impressions of Snow; all talk" is very apt, and seems to carry forward for second and third and fourth impressions. But, seriously, it's like they took Tidus from FFX and split his two most annoying character traits between Snow (annoying, heroic stupidness) and Hope (angst, much of it, but that's ok! I'd be pretty moody too, considering)

Anyway, I have just finished English Literature homework on the different poetic forms, of which there are a lot and it is actually pretty hard to find an example of a short blank verse poem, but it's okay because I got to put in this really cool Christina Rossetti Sonnet (Remember), so I'm happy. Now on to Biology homework (Yawn!) and then it's Glee at 9.00pm. Won't have chance to play anymore FFXIII, unless I stay up to 1 like last night. I want more!!!!!!